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* Hello *

My name is Suvi and I'm from Finland. 

I love watching dramas and movies and I also love listening to music.

Here are my  K-POP(+more) favorites (bias in the brackets):

Infinite(Sung Kyu), Nell(Jung Hoon), Highlight(Do Joon), GOLDEN CHILD(Jang Jun), VIXX(N), Sung Si Kyung, MBLAQ(Seung Ho), EXID(Hani), Lovelyz(Ji Ae) & Gugudan(Se Jeong)

When watching dramas and movies, I mostly pick them based on the actors/actresses that are in them, but nowadays I just try and watch everything that sounds good. Well, most of the dramas and movies have at least one actor/actress that I know of anyways.

I like to watch pretty much everything but I don't really watch horror. Everything else is fine.

My favorite genre is Crime!

The first drama I saw was "You're Beautiful" at the end of 2012 and that's where it all started.

You can see my favorite dramas/movies and actors/actresses in my lists.

I also like to watch Korean variety a lot. 

My favorites are:

Running Man, Crime Scene, Law Of The Jungle, The Genius, 2 Days & 1 Night, Battle Trip, 3 Meals A Day and more...

Also, here is my MyAnimeList. I watch quite a lot of anime too but I don't always remember to update them in the list...

Feel free to send me a friend request if you want to. (^♡^)/




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