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Welcome to my addiction............

I am a total binge watcher who never drops a show. I may put it on hold for a little bit but I always watch till the very end...and yes sometimes very very painfully.

I don't rate the shows I watch for one simple likes and your likes may very. What I think is amazing you may hate with a passion. I am someone who watches a show and can take and appreciate it for what it is as every show no matter how bad, does have some good points. If you truly want my opinion you can message me and I will gladly give it.

Watch a show because it sounds good to you not only what others think. I have found some amazing shows (to me) that have had low ratings and many bad things said. Shows are like beauty everything changes in the eye of the beholder.  Don't be a sheep and follow the herd,, open the box and look outside you may be amazed on what you see.


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