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찬이의 방


찬이의 방

- 하슬 -

Kinda inactive here, if you need me contact me on my instagram HWAZZLING.

Twenty-something summerborn young adult, yet a kid inside, student, Slytherin, infj, moonchild, EurAsian baby, SanHwa lover. How I got into kdramas? Well, I've never been without. I was born in a household where watching drama is like...daily business. <3

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Some favourite K-dramas

Cosy wintery vibes.

No words, too sweet.

Softest male lead.

Extraordinary You
Ro!! Woon's!! visuals!!

Can't get over this.

A Piece of Your Mind
SO underrated.
Some Favourite Actors
Ahn Hyo Seop
You might have seen him in
Jung Hae In
You might have seen him in
Ro Woon
You might have seen him in
Some Favourite Actresses
Park Min Young
You might have seen her in
Whats Wrong With Secretary Kim
Her Private Life
Lee Sung Kyung
You might have seen her in
Dr. Romantic 2
Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo
Lee Ji Eun
You might have seen her in
Hotel del Luna
My Mister
Moon Lovers

Other likes
We can socialise over K-pop! I'm the K-Indie/soft rock type, loving everything Oohyo, The Black Skirts, The Rose, 92914, Rocoberry, BOL4, Crush, 1415, Sam Kim and many more. 

I'm also an Atiny, Monbebe, Carat, Stay, MOA, ARMY, NCTZEN; although you can't do better than BIGBANG. They were my first ever group, together with 2NE1, SHINee and snsd (VIP, Blackjack, Shawol & Sone since forever).

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Have a nice day!
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