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Well Here i am , my first Experience and i' will call it an experience Because my K-Drama craze started after watching the Movie WINDSTRUCK .


Then went on to watch 

My Little Bride

A Frozen Flower

A Millionaire's First Love

Summer Scent


After watching these movies i then found out about Korean Dramas And thus found ..... Secret Garden .

 And WOW it blew me away how good it was and also at that point fell in love with Ha Ji Won lol Shes amazing Truly , 
 That was me Hooked from there on in watching day and night , id start a drama and next minute it was 4 am in the morning and I've been doing it ever since :)  


Then I found Historical / Period Dramas and OMG i couldn't get enough  After Watching The Epic Queen Seon Deok  with  Lee Yo Won


Then After watching 

The Moon That Embraces  Sun

Yi San

             Dae Jang Geum ( Jewel In The Palace )

Empress Chun Chu 


Painter Of The Wind

 Just to name a few of them but all of the Really EPIC dramas with such Vivid and lively plots and Amazing Acting  with such Breathtaking Scenes and sets ...what is there not to love about Korean Historical / Period Dramas. 








I can honestly say i fell in love with Korean Dramas at that point and i literally couldn't watch another TV show all be it American or English .. nothing compared to my K drama Addiction  :P

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