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Angel Eyes
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by JohnGilbert

Feb 2, 2016
20 of 20 episodes seen
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Overall 10
Story 10.0
Acting/Cast 10.0
Music 10.0
Rewatch Value 10.0
I will attempt to keep this short. I am fairly new to the Korean Drama Scene, but I am hooked! My entry was happenstance. I came upon 'Boys Over Flowers' on Netflix and was completely pulled in. I fell in love with JanDi and then of course Ku (Koo...Goo - I have seen it written all three ways) Hye-Sun. That subsequently lead me to 'Angel Eyes' also on Netflix. I loved JanDi. I loved her heart, determination, and initial innocence. I was so enthralled, I couldn't imagine it being topped. Then when I discovered how HUGE 'Boys Over Flowers' was I figured I loved it for a reason...then I saw 'Angel Eyes'. I have NEVER in all my life bawled as much and as hard as I did through the whole series. It was breathtaking and beautiful. Now, I gave it 10's straight through. I even ordered it on DVD straight from Korea. I found on eBay a replication of the necklace Dong Joo gave So Wan. However, IF I had two possible criticisms it would be these. One, there was basically two storylines running in parrallel. On one side you had Dong Joo and So Wan. Their meeting, falling in love, time apart reuniting etc. That provided ALL the emotion. The tears. Jung Hwa will capture your heart and everytime she is reflected upon you will bawl if you have a heart. Then the parrallel story, the unfortunate revelations that tie it together tha maybe are necessary more than I realize, but it became a slight nuisance because, for me, I wanted to stay in the enchanted love and world of Jung Hwa, Dong Joo, So Wan, Hye-Joo (Ellie) and Seungri (Teddy). The pure. But perhaps, we need the ugly to appreciate the love. The second would be when So Wan lost her vision again. It may be a necessary KDrama trope, but it was insufferable. Finally she was called out by, Enjelaizeu, the person she stayed with, but still UGH! I want to conclude with my education to Korean Drama's and their expected tropes. Things like love triangles, time apart for the main couple, amnesia, higher class versus lower class and things like that. Yes, 'Angel Eyes' has pretty much all of them, but that's OK. I apparently am into the extreme melodrama. I have since watched 'Secret Garden, 'Take Care of Us, Captian (Ku Hye-Sun), 'Blood' (Ku Hye-Sun), and a few others that I haven't finished. The only other one to approach where 'Angel Eyes' took me is the last full series I watched, 'Beloved Eun-Dong' (though Netflix calls it 'This is my Love'. That one parrallel 'Angel Eyes' in so many ways, but it did not sub plant 'Angel Eyes' as my most cherished. If you find a powerful cry cathartic, you have a soft heart and don't mind at all if a story is purposely jerking your tears...this one is for you! I have been trying SOOOOO hard to get anyone to watch it that I know and only one has done so sadly. It only garnered about a 10% viewership in Korea - in contrast 'Boys Over Flowers' and 'Secret Garden' were just above 40%. Still, this swept me away and evoked feelings I didn't know I could ever feel.
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