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St Louis, MO


St Louis, MO

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I love getting new friends. Not sure why, but I always enjoy friend requests! Now this is COMPLETELY optional, but I am ALWAYS curious how you found me and why you friended me. I always visit new friends profiles and peruse their lists. I have found some great series and movies that way, more movies, but I certainly appreciate it. But hey I love new friends regardless:)

***Update October 2017***

I wanted to explain why I have so many high ratings. First, I'm reasonably easy to please. Second, I research and tried to watch the higher rates dramas. I do this because there are so, so, so many to watch I can't afford to choose a lousy series. Finally, I try to, as most do I suspect, try to choose what sounds like what I would love. These basic things have kept my viewing reasonably high quality. The down side is there could be that gem I like, but others don't. 'Angel Eyes' comes to mind. One of only three series I have imported/bought on DVD. It's a 10 to me. I bawled my eyes out - I love melodrama/tragedy. Yet, last.time I checked this series by others was sitting at only 7.6. 7.6????? What???? LOL! That's a travesty. But, I will stick to my formula. I do listen to other's recommendations too. 

***UPDATE - October 2016***

I have gotten several new friends!!! Thank you. It's such an honor. I love it - lol!! Heehee. Welcome! Any correspondence is welcome! Just shoot me a message. I love knowing where you are from and age too. but if that is too personal I understand. 

Anyway...Hello. I haven't been watching dramas quite a year yet - it won't be a year until about November 2016. However, I am hooked! I know it's weird that I'm a guy that loves them so much. I had a Twitter friend into dramas and eventually she asked if I was gay. Lol. No I'm straight - completely. I just love them for so many reasons. I believe some day I will indeed take the time to completely write all the reasons I love them. 

Some of my favorites are Playful Kiss, Angel Eyes, 1 Litre of Tears...but my favorite above all without a doubt...

Reply 1988. Reply 1988 is so good that it seriously makes me want to consider dropping every other drama by .5. I wonder if it should be the only 10 sometimes...but no I won't. It is that good to me though.

***September 2016 - I'm currently in a movie mode. Catching up on the highest rated and most probable to illicit tears - I find it cathartic and oddly addictive to be made to cry. Yes, I'm a man not afraid to cry at all...and admit to it!!

I intend to write more comprehensively on this, but this is a quick introduction. 

Oh yeah, I see the ladies always putting the gentlemen they adore in their profile, well us guys can adore the leading actresses too!!

Ku Hye Sun


Jang Na Ra


Jung So Min


In that order, but it's razor thin. I find them all so sweet and beautiful.


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