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St Louis, MO
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by JohnGilbert

May 10, 2016
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I am not familiar enough with Korean movies to know if this is more the normal for their cinema or not, but certainly here in America this would be an Arthouse film. It is stark, quiet, and poignant. This movie is not out to take you on an adventure or thrill you. It is not an overwrought romance. It is paradoxically simple in portraying day to day life and yet profoundly deep because of how it allows you in the life of the lead protagonists. This type movie is more like someone steps in to someone's life, pushes record for a while, then clicks stop and the movie is over. Yet in this nearly two hours we see the gritty, grizzled details of two people and their real world problems. We see a love started and how life's problems can simply get in the way of letting that love turn into the fairy tale so many movies and dramas portray. If more real and less contrived storytelling is your thing and you want to visit an experience more akin to your own normal complicated life, this story is definitely for you.
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