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Watch mostly J-drama/movie, currently learning Japanese Language (self taught), sometimes can watch a drama without sub (mostly rom-com one). 

I'm a girl but not so into romance (that's why I can't stand K-drama that always have romance in almost everything and that's why I love J-drama/movie that have a really diverse genre that focus on the content itself).  Sometimes it hit or miss for rom-com (Some of my favorite rom-com: NigeHaji, Kahogo no Kahoko, Date, Rich Man Poor Woman, Ashi Girl, Nodame, Love Shuffle, kurosaki-kun, etc. Surprisingly didn't like: Good Morning Call, 5-ji kara 9-ji made, Suki na hito ga iru koto, and some LA movie based on shoujo manga about high schooler love)

I like detective+mystery+thriller like Okitegami Kyouko, Unnatural, Siren, Keiji Yugami, N no tameni, Siren, 99.99, SPEC (all drama and movie!), Maou, Cold Case, Kindaichi, , and many mooooree.

I like action! Rurouni Kenshin, Ajin, The Eternal Zero, High and Low (all drama and Movie), Library Wars (all Movie + SP), Parasyte, Gantz, Tokyo Ghoul. Any LA is very welcomed! Ah, but I don't watch kimen rider, hehe.

I like comedy! But Japan can be really weird in comedy, sometimes I can't stand it.

I used to like slice of life, but lately I'm not so into it anymore (but J-drama/movie always have a slice of life in it). The one that I avoid right now is a "deep one", and "slice of life only" one. Maybe because I hate it to cry a bucket everytime I watch drama/movie with this genre. Still welcome a light and warm hearted one!

Not so into:
- gore
- medic. It's a bit sad for me actually because Japan always has a medic drama every season. The only drama that I watch (and I like 200%) is Kounodori!
- and horror!!!
- and a sad ending!!! (yes, I can't stand crying 1 litre of tears)

(Hana-zfa, 2018)


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