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Southern USA


Southern USA

HI!  My name is Amy, and I am a drama addict of the worst kind. :)  Here's a bit of an intro to me:

I live somewhere in the U.S.of A.  I am in my 20s.  I have a marvelous old kitty (19 years old!!)  and a *tiny* dog named Reya.  I am self-studying Japanese and use dramas, films, and variety TV most days as a way of helping be absorb the language, and am slowly weening myself off of subtitles (but my Japanese isn't good enough just yet!)

I dual-majored in Sociology and English at a Christian college, and do espouse Christian faith.  Currently I am studying Game Development at a community college.

I am a complete bookworm.

I love animals, people, plants... actually, I love pretty much any type of thing that can be alive.  Even bugs.  Which scares my older sister.  I collect stuffed bears and unabridged dictionaries.  I am bored and playing with the colors on this, and am obviously very strange.

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!!


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