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Philippines ????????


Philippines ????????

18 year old kpop and kdrama fan!

I like to watch dramas and I consider it as one of my favorite past times. Please feel free to read and scroll on my feed and I really hope that my reviews will be helpful for you guys! I usually watch medical, law, crime dramas. I also watch romance dramas so technically, I watch any kind of dramas as long as it has great actors, or good/interesting contents. 

For my reviews, I try to be as honest and fair as possible. My comments and reviews may not be agreeable, but we have different opinions and I hope we could respect that. ☺️

If you have any questions, you can ask me directly. You can send me a direct/private message. Feel free to also add me here as a friend! Let’s be chingu. ☺️

PS. I only watch Chinese and Korean dramas. Not into Japanese dramas ✌️


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