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Rinco's Restaurant, xD


Rinco's Restaurant, xD

-----------------------------------------------------"Dropping with no Regrets"------------------------------------------------ " That's why my Dropped List is still empty " 

Now check this one out: 
I dedicated the lyrics to MDL:

(In Tune of The Boys by GG)

A. I can tell you this site is best
     I know it really is
    Any closer and you feel the heat
    You don't have to pretend that you didn't notice this
     Every log in will make it hard to breath.
    (M.D.L B-bring them all here!)
B. Yeah, You know (B-bring them all here)
     We bring them all here (2x) (B-bring them all here!)
C.When i step on this website
   I know that it be guiding me, guiding me...
   There are many dramas/movies
   There ain't no stopping me, in watching them..
D. I know life is a mystery
    This site making history
    I know it from the start..
    Call all emergency
     I'm watching my idol now
    I can't take this in my heart- in my head!!! (B-bring them all here)
M.D.L website gives you the latest shows, and it's spreading it, it can't be beat! (B-bring them all here!)
This site is great, better tell all your friends
Cause when you get in it, You know what's next!

Wanna know the secrets, I will tell them to you
Cause this got a magic touch, and this is not trying to fail you
that's right...
and I...
Can't deny, I know - how it works !
(Repeat D)

You should bring them all here!
I wanna dance right know!
I'm gonna spread this website now!
Yes i met here many friends!
I can't count them, everyone should know! Check this out!
All i want (2x) are there shows
Better know i am here / I don't stop
oh gee
The features are so cool
MDL, it won't stop! (B-bring them all here.)
It's not a fantasy
This is right for me
Livin like i'm with them!
I can watch the old shows
Whenever i want to..
This is deep in my heart~~~~ my heart!!!!
(repeat koro.)

I Love Korean and Japanese Movies and Drama- 
I'm looking forward to watch live action of any manga ! 

38%: For All Japanese Movies, Drama and others:) 
50%: For All Korean Movies , Drama and others :) 
The rest: For taiwanese ,chinese and others :) 

About Music: I mostly love Korean works more than Japanese. I am not an Ultimate K-pop Lover but I do like their Music (some only)

Music(their) I always play in my mp4:
-Ali Project
-Kat Tun
-Yuya Matsushita 

-Super Junior
-Cn Blue
-Big Bang

About My Name You can Call me any of these: source: 

*Japanese : Fujiwara Momoko or Takako Kato 
*Korean: Hwang Ha Seul Or Kang Sang Hee(from MDL forum) 
*Chinese/Taiwanese: Bai Ai Su or Sha Ling 
*French: Vinvella Doucet 


YEY I'm 3 Years Old Here at MDL :)

-please recommend me some great Korean,Japanese,Taiwanese, etc, movies and drama - 
-Feel free to chat me here :) I do not bite,XD! Thank You ;)


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