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Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo
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by Faa
Jan 12, 2017
Overall 10.0
Story 10.0
Acting/Cast 10.0
Music 10.0
Rewatch Value 10.0
10 out of 10! WHY? First time out, I was not expecting anything. Very. I just think, 'let's give this a try because it was new. " Then I saw this. The first episode went smoothly, and tbh at that time, I did not get the hype, yet. But this is addictive, you know? I continued to watch it every week since it first comes out. Then, BOOM !! EVERYTHING IS BEAUTIFUL HERE. I PROMISE. THE CHEMISTRY? (Checked) THE FRIENDSHIP? (Checked) FAMILY RELATIONSHIPS? (Checked) OTHER RELATED CHARACTERS? (Checked) MUSIC? ? (Checked) My favorite is -> From Now On - Kim Seung Min I cried when it was over. Not the one "literally" kind of cry. But the real one. The One You have, when you watch something beautiful. It ended well bruuh!
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