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Weslaco, Texas


Weslaco, Texas

Hello!! my name is Ayesha from Mexico. 


I'm a declared asian dramas addict, I started watching dramas back in 2010 thanks to my sister who at that time was watching Boys over Flowers, I immediately got addicted to this drama *cough*F4*cough (don't judge please) 


and after this I started watching more K-dramas and then I jumped to J-dramas and TW-dramas. 

My first japanese drama was Tatta Hitotsu no Koi with Kamenashi Kazuya and Ayase Haruka which I loved so much...I mean just look at how cute this OTP is


but then my second japanase drama was the tear-jerker 1 Litre of Tears...I cried so much with this drama that I took a break from all dramas...Aya story really impacted me plus I got my first japanese crush Aso-kun better known as Nishikido Ryo 


After my sister recommended Devil Beside You, I started watching a lot of taiwanese dramas and for the past 2 years I have started to watch Chinese dramas as well but not so many compared to korean and japanese dramas.

Besides asian dramas, I also love animes, mangas and chinese novels....and when it comes to music I started liking K-pop as result of k-dramas. My first group bias was DBSK


but then the bitter breakup came so I became an JYJ fan and a Jaejoong hardcore fan. I also like Super Junior, Big Bang and Shinee, these days except for the music of these I'm in the dark when it comes to other K-pop bands...I'm an oldie it seems 

J-pop caused a 360 degree change in my life thanks to 5 five guys who stormed into my life....ARASHI


2013 was my fateful and life changing encounter with them. I knew them from their dramas and MatsuJun was one of my favorite j-actors after Kimi wa Petto and Hana Yori Dango


*excuse me while I fangirl like crazy* but it was until I got my tumblr account that I started to watch gif of them in their tv shows and concerts...and well that sealed my love story with them. My TOP10 shows some Arashi dramas\movies with a score of 10 so please ignore them as I was extremely biased in my scoring, for me anything that has the 5 members of Arashi deserves a 10


These days besides Arashi I basically follow almost all groups from their same agency, JE is my heaven on earth as half of my bias are there


Anyways, this is a little part of my history in the asian world, let's keep enjoying the beautiful world of asian dramas


 and keep praying for more hours in our days so we can watch an extra episode of our favorite drama and for more good dramas......feel free to add me as friend..I don't bite or judge LOL



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