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Heyo, i'm Sabrina or beanie its really not important. Anyways, I watch all kinds of dramas really  but I especially love Korean, Chinese, Thai, and Taiwanese dramas. Typically I watch Romance dramas but every now and then I watch other genres.  I also love anime if that means anything lol. As far as music goes I listen to kpop, cpop, and soft Thai love songs(don't ask lol). So basically i'm all over the place. 

-None of my friends like dramas or listen to any of the same music as me so i'm kind of desperate for people to talk to so feel free to send friend requests lol. I also love getting drama and song recommendations so send some if you want.-

-Typically this is where people would put their biases and favorite actors but I'm to indecisive to pick favorites so i'm just going to put some random gifs I have saved- 


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