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ay time for a change. edgelord phase is over...for now. time for my Dumbass phase to set in. 

(still cant add gifs/pics ughhh)

Feel free to message me if u wanna talk about anything ;)

Topics to choose from:

  • music: taste in music is literally a bit of everything and all of BTS albums
  • dramas  duh. any and every country is cool now that I've watched (1) lakorn. pretty much covered my way through japan, china, korea and taiwan
  • idk politics or whatever. I lean neither leftist nor rightist but I do have my strong opinions
  • anything science. anything electrical is my weakness. achilles' heel if u will. anything except for that blease
  • or literature. I live for books. I will read literally anything and everything. ranging from trashy 2 AM fanfics to a 1000 pg long Nietzsche epic
  • I love debates too. always welcome for a healthy discussion.
  • or literally anything else


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