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'My mind rebels at stagnation' Sherlock Homes

so yeah I like to keep occupied,I'd probably be seen as a baby here cause I only started my Drama journey about a year ago now but so far it has opened up a whole new world of exciting makjang melodrama and pretty boy romance I have never before experienced.

BUT,I am getting really really picky about my dramas these days which means that I don't finish that many but I am a varied sort of girl I will watch most asian shows including Taiwanese, Korean, Chinese, Hong Kong and Japanese. 

I have just been introduced to the world of both Kpop and Variety shows and I have to say my Mondays consist of watching Hello Counsellor and Running man as well as scrolling through Tumblr to see if Simba has posted any new pictures (cause he's quite shy tbh)

But hey ho on with the journey that is my life...I hope you will all welcome me(kimchi always welcome) :-)


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