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Lively Earth


Lively Earth

Crazy but calm...stupid yet smart!!!

That basically sums me up!!

My name is 24 years old!! A lot of the other members in MDL are younger than me but I guess I am a child at heart!! I discovered K-dramas a little late...around the time of November 2012!!!

Anyways I am a HUGE K-drama fan and I love watching them...My favourite genre is romance and comedy but I also love the odd tearjerker...but I am also open to other genres too!!

So feel free to send me any recommendations!!

I have also started taking an interest in T-dramas and movies and J-dramas and movies!!! So all recommendations are more than accepted and welcome!!

I would list a few of my favourite dramas and movies but I love too many to list and half of them are not even in my list yet!!

I would also list a few of my fave actors but I love too many to list their names...A new drama always has a new face and so yes I probably do cheat on all of them!!! But I have a big heart with too much love to go around!!!

This was kind of long! Sorry if you guys are bored!! I wont take up anymore of your time!! feel free to send me any recommendations and Im always excited when I receive messages so please don't be shy and say hi!!!



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