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Hello ♡ You can call me Shay. I've been a fan of kpop and dramas for a while now! Wow, time flies. 

"You must think the world is full of women dying to ride on your white horse but Cinderella stories aren’t popular anymore. 

The real world it is filled with moronic women who work hard and succeed on their own."♡

- Choi Ae Ra ♡ Fight For My Way

How I Rate:

10: Excellent! Feels PERFECT. Obviously no drama/movie is perfect but a 10 means it left an impact on me; I had feels for days even after finishing the drama. I thoroughly loved watching the episodes, characters, and storyline.

9 - 9.5: Usually I love watching and then the ending or some small part ruins it for me but I loved the majority of it too much! Or a very good drama/movie that I enjoyed a lot and can't really find flaws but is missing that spark.

8 - 8.5: I genuinely enjoyed watching but maybe something about it didn't strike me as anything too amazing or there were large parts that I found boring/uninteresting. An average movie/drama. Usually there are specific things I loved about it that kept me from giving it lower.

7 - 7.5: Usually for something I had higher expectations for but turned out to make me cringe or dislike large parts of the movie/show. Decent enough to watch until the end (or skip through a lot/read recaps)

Below 7: I haven't given many shows below 7 and that's because if I don't like a show, it's pretty unbearable for me to continue watching it to rate it. The ones I have completed may be because I liked a certain actor/actress or I had hope that the show would become better and it didn't. Sometimes the show keeps my interest--the impatient bad kind--all the way to the end and then I realize the show sucked.


  1. When the Camellia Blooms : [Currently Airing] ON god I love love love this show. Gong Hyo Jin is my favorite actress and Ha Neul is phenomenal! I love the combination of romance, family, thriller, mystery, really has everything. And apparently the same writer as FFMW? No wonder!           
  2. Extraordinary You: [Currently Airing] LOVE LOVE LOVE! Wasn't what I had expected. Mistook it for some cheesy HS drama or Love Alarm but it was def false advertised. I kept avoiding it especially because of the unknown cast (though I did recognize a few faces from A-Teen), but the cute clips and hype everywhere overtook my curiosity and welp here we are.
  3.  Put Your Head on My Shoulder: Super super cute and light hearted; I'm going to watch slowly to enjoy it! Male lead is stunning also.                

Some FAVE OTPs I still cry over all the time:

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Kang Yeon Do                                                                     Kim Bok Joo


Eun Dan Oh                                                                       Choi Ae Ra

         tumblr_mzf6tbYQ8s1r53jvoo5_r1_250.gif  tumblr_ngtdbhp9DS1s0uajjo1_500.gif

Cheon Song Yi                                                                        Tae Gong Shil    

                tumblr_mzf6tbYQ8s1r53jvoo5_r1_250.gif          tumblr_ngtdbhp9DS1s0uajjo1_500.gif

                                                          Chae Young Shin                                                                      Ra Eun Ho 


Kim Yi Na


7a774363f5d057a1881d16dffe66e6bb.gif     ca5300cf7b571cd859c4ef04b0d1b74792450f30

Jung Joon Hyung                                                                        Kim Yeol

tumblr_o9b8z8ayK51ql6y74o7_400.gif                 tumblr_nhfa4su0n31rjjno5o7_400.gif

Je Su Ho                                                                                     Seo Jung Hoo


                                                                                         Hua Biao                                                                                   

     tumblr_nhfa4su0n31rjjno5o7_400.gif                      tumblr_nhfa4su0n31rjjno5o7_400.gif

                                               Haru                                                                                                            Park Soo Ha                                                                   

I usually love outspoken but still very cute/funny female leads (but pretty most types of female leads tbh) and fluffy, puppy male leads! Down with the fuckn jerk male leads; we're in a new decade now; it's time to love soft puppy male leads! <3
Check out my lists and feel free to message me!      

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