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Have been watching dramas for 10+ years since my teenage years~

Drama interests: jdrama, kdrama, and more recently, am giving mainland c-dramas a chance --> after-effect of watching Nirvana in Fire X). Used to watch taiwanese dramas years ago during my earlier drama-watching years, but gave up on it and have yet to pick it back up since.

My List of Dramas from another site (though  it is also not 100% complete).

Other interests: anime, manga/manhwa/manhua, kpop

Currently obsessed with:

1. RISE OF PHOENIXES! What stood out the most for me in this drama are the 2 main leads: The amazing Chen Ku and Ni Ni. I love their acting and the way they characterise their characters, it felt so real & natural and not forced. Other aspects of the drama are also what made it great - the supporting actors, the grand & amazing sets, the beautiful outfits - the details are just stunning! And also the plot, although it has its flaws, though I suspect it is due to the cut/cuts done (Is it TRUE that it is supposed to be 100 episodes long???). Some parts of the plots were obviously rushed (like it just got cut off), while some were surprisingly rushed (especially towards the end), leaving you in shock "what just happened"/"huh what I need to rewind". The plot is also in a way 'brutal' - it just went ahead along its path leaving the audience stunned/shocked in a heart-wrenching way, and definitely not a predictable ending. It has its own beauty though, on hindsight I am now somewhat more able to appreciate/understand certain parts of the plot. All in all, I only wish it was longer so that it would have a better flow & pacing because it will definitely be even more epic! And I fell in love with Chen Kun and Ni Ni after this drama (I have not watched their work before), would love to watch more of their work now!

2.  Legend of FUYAO! - Have been keeping up with the episodes since it started airing its first around 10-ish episodes and now the subbed episode is at 32! Man I'm addicted! It didnt start well with me, and thank goodness I did not drop it because after a few episodes, it started getting good. Then even better. And. OMG. ETHAN RUAN. SWOONS *______* My heart flutters whenever Ethan and Yang Mi shares a scene, please give us more XD

Previously obsessed with: 

1, Nirvana in Fire (琅琊榜)This drama is making me feel like watching other mainland c-dramas! *0* Especially if it's similar to NIF (historical, wuxia, political)

2. MISTY (K-drama) - This drama was so good throughout until...well it is still worth the watch, the acting was superb!

Current favourite actor: 

CHEN KUN! and Ni Ni! These 2 are such amazing actors!

Previous Favourite actor:

Jo In Sung!! My goodness he is so handsome and his acting is good too! XD First saw him in "It's okay it's love" a few years back, and I just finished watching "That winter the wind blows" a few days ago, and now I'm in Jo In Sung fever!!! In that drama he was so handsome plus he looks so splendid in his wardrobe in that drama (especially them winter coats)! I'm now having withdrawals over him, I need to see more of him! >____< I really wish I can see him in real life at least once in my life lol

If anyone has any recommendation of any dramas for me, please feel free to send me a message~!


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