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Buchou to Shachiku no Koi Modokashii japanese drama review
Buchou to Shachiku no Koi Modokashii
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by Kapetria
Mar 28, 2022
12 of 12 episodes seen
Overall 7.5
Story 8.0
Acting/Cast 9.0
Music 6.5
Rewatch Value 7.5

Short & cheerful Romance

Short&cheerful romance with lots of *product placement, even a J-Pop group promotion, beware before start it.

Mayumi is a driven workaholic, whom works not only for the company, but also for her own pleasure and to be helpful to her fellow work colleagues, frequently working overtime. Director(Teiji Osamu) is also devoted to his job and was a company slave as Mayumi in the past, but he changed his politics, and now leaves work on time. After a fight in a Pub caused by Mayumi drunkenness, things stars to change between them. Both works in the same company, Orient Hope.

The first episodes are spicy,as a Josei manga in general is, but as soon as their relationship progress other plot and issues become the focus. Mayumi is the classic cheerful lead in most J-Dramas, but the Director has also a cheerful side that is showed to us, as he mentally set his plans in their relationship, his insecurities, how he finds her cute(fangirling over her) etc. In resume they are more alike than actually divergent. they love their job, are diligent and also loves to write files. Even though the drama has a love triangle, their screen time is little. The other characters, as the 3rd wheel, the J-Pop fan, the boss whom likes to watch over the employees, was not a bother. As their relationship stars both of them becomes insecure and starts to jump to conclusions, in this we have most of the comic plot in the drama, the other source of comedy is their working eagerness (Sailor Moon costume, cough cough).

The acting was fair good for both leads and side actors. The OST is more like a J-Pop group promotion as I said. I have no problem with the filmography, the office scenes was well done and the city scenery was also beautifully set down. The romance is fast paced but nothing over-the-top. The subject of being a company slave, a ricework (work to survive) or a lifework (work as life goal) was soft portrayed, as in real life people actually dies from overwork in Japan, as result of their eagerness or suicide. The thing is, they don't abash people who loves to work, but since you have to work why not try to like it and do it properly, not forgetting to live a healthy life.

*Parody Product Placement
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