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Well I was going through my profile and I realized it did not reflect me at all so I m gonna try creating one that shows a bit of me......I m most and for most drama crazy, you can see from my profile that I have watched a lot and planning to watch a lot more, sometimes it feels like its taking over my life but I love it Anyways....[term]=lee minho&filters;[primary]=images&filters;[secondary]=videos&sort=1&o=1

                   The Love Of My LIFE is in the link below and above 

=lee minho&filters;[primary]=images&filters;[secondary]=videos&sort=1&o=1]apple of my eye

The first Drama I ever saw would be Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge, a.k.a Wallflower, could be also referred to as Perfect girl Evolution and then Hana yori Dango, and then I wanted to see how different the Korean would be so I watched Boys over flower  and well the rest is history......This Happened 2009, which would be 4 years ago,,,,
                                   My Favorite Woodalchi Men

I have too may favorites to put down here, so if I rated any drama on my list 9 and above then, its definitely one of my favorite, eight would mean I liked it but something turned me off it or something is missing... I dont watch a lot of Asian Movies but I watch some......I absolutely Love kpop. I love

Super Junior - My Biases are Donghae, Leetuk, Shindoong and Enhyuk

Big Bang - my only Bias here will always be T.O.P

2pm- My biases would forever be Taecyeon and Wooyung

Nuest- MY Biases would be Ren and Minhyun

Mblaq- Mir, Lee Joon and GO



EXO - both M and K- although m isnt really Korean but who cares

Block B

well If I keep going on, I would fill the page, so lets stop here for now and Just breathe, lol... I tend to go on Rambling forever when I talk about

                                                       MY Favorite Power Couple
                                           Only Rivaled By
[color=#9933cc]    [color=#333333]  [size=3]My Bias[size=3], [size=3]love of my life and most import[size=3]an[size=3]t [/size]actor for now is [/size][/size][/size][/color][/size][/color]LEE MIN HO....

[quote][color=#9933cc] [/color]


      Newest power couple or more like OTP since they aren't really a couple but they have more than an epic bromance

The Power Couples I can also live with that are kicking butt right now...

Only surpassed by

This Dazzling Couple....

Notable Mentions

and not to forget
for now, these are the couples that have caught my attention, i ll keep adding more couples as i find more amazing couples in the wonderful world of drama-land....


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