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Hello, welcome to my profile (^_^)/*

I am Yvonne, 22 years old drama addict just like almost everyone on here.

I like meeting people who share the same interest as mine, which is dramas, and movies, so feel free to add me or message me anytime if you want  feedback on a specific drama/movie that I've watched, or for drama/movie recommendations if you feel like we've got a similar taste, or any other thing. You're always welcomed ^__^

The first ever Korean drama i watched was "Boys over flowers" back when i was an early teen in the year 2010, and since then i got hooked and here i am. 

The first Japanese drama was "Atashinchi no Danshi" and i watched it immediately after Boys over flowers.

My first Taiwanese drama was "Down with love".

As you will see from my watch list, i mostly have watched Korean dramas. Not because they're superior or i think they are the best. Although Japanese dramas have the most brilliant and smart plots, I cannot find myself addicted to them. Why? because what really got me into the drama world was the feeling of attachment i get towards characters in the dramas. Unfortunately, i do not get this kind of feeling when i watch Japanese dramas, and that might be because they're mostly short... i feel like i am watching a long movie rather than a drama. Which is again, not bad i like it.. but i am not very addicted to them.

As for Taiwanese dramas, i find it hard to relate to their characters. I often find them exaggerating (Which i also find in some Korean dramas as well) but still they're enjoyable as long as they don't stand on my nerve.

Now since its clear that i enjoy Korean dramas the most, let me tell you about my favorite genres.

I do not have an ultimate favorite, because my mood changes regularly and so the genre changes simultaneously with my mood.

But these are my preferable genres:

  1.  Mystery- Crime 
  2.  Fantasy 
  3.  Romance
  4.  Historical
  5.  Family
  6. Life
  7. Comedy
  8.  Melodrama 
  9.  Psychological 
  10.  Action 
  11.  Horror 
  12.  Thriller 
  13.  Suspense 
  14.  Detective

I don't mind:

  1.  Medical if is combined with other genre and not strictly medical.
  2. Politics if it is combined with other genre and not strictly political.
  3.  Business.... # # # # # # #.............
  4.  Tragedy -As long as it has some lighthearted scenes and not depressing from the first episode till the last. Which means giving us the audience a break lol. An example of a drama that was heavy and i did not personally enjoy was "Just between lovers".
  5. School as long as its not extremely cheesy

I avoid:

  1. Sci-Fi
  2.  War (If the theme is war)
  3. Music - If music was the theme ofc. 


REPLY 1988 

Reply 1988 owns my heart, and owns the TOP of my favorite drama list. Going to sound a bit cheesy, but this isn't just a drama to me....This drama feels like home, and all the characters feels like family. I do not usually go back to dramas and re-watch them, but i always find myself watching reply 1988 whenever i feel home sick for the characters. This drama taught me a lot of things (YES IT DID) and i really love all its inspirational messages and quotes. Ost(s) are my absolute favorite... I've been listening to them on a regular basis for a long time and they still have a strong impact on me... which means i am never sick of listening to them.


You can also check lists that i have made of my favorite Actors and Actresses

Lists of Actors and Actresses i dislike and most likely avoid any drama they cast in.

List of my Favorite movies and so on....

*****If you have made it till the end without finding me very boring, then thank you *\(^_^)/*.. and  i think we are most likely to become friends haha ^__^!******


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