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United States


United States
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Shows & Movies I've watched and finished in 2019!  My Goal is 25 Dramas by the end of the year!  

Favorite Thailand Films
1 0

My Favorites in no particular order.  (I don't watch many, so sorry if it's short)

Favorite South Korea Dramas
8 0

Order to based on Year date - Youngest to Oldest

Shows that have a TEN episode
8 0

Shows that have at least 1 episode in the show that I have rated 10.  Doesn't matter if I ended up hatting the rest of the drama, as long…

Favorite Japanese Dramas
5 0

Order is based on Year - Youngest to Oldest

Favorite Actors
26 0

I mostly enjoy their acting and find it realistic.  Order does not matter

Favorite Taiwanese Dramas
3 0

Order is by Year - Youngest to Oldest

Favorite Chinese Dramas
6 0

Order based on release year - Youngest to Oldest 

Favorite South Korean Films
4 0

Order is based on film year- Youngest to Oldest 

Favorite Japanese Films
6 0

Films from Japan; Order does not matter

Dramas I can re-watch
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Dramas that I can re-watch multiple times.