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I like watching Asian dramas,  about all, Korean. I am currently doing Korean studies, so I practice my listening skills while I am enjoying my number one hobby. The second one is crafts.  I have recently started making Lolita clothing and accessories. I am always concern about the environment, so as part of my projects I also do upcycling of high street clothes, transforming them into Lolita Style. 

 At the moment, I left apart  the doll making thing, although, I still have some old stock for sale. I changed my facebook page and now it is called "Treasure Chest Dolls" I regularly post what I have finished for the shop, but also give advice for Lolita inspirations and other crafts.  Feel free to join my page and give a LIKE if you find it interesting. 

Finally I would like to invite also to all lovers and collectors of Doll's Houses to leave any post or comments in my page. I am in the middle of completing my Doll's house kit... it is just only I cannot find the time to do it! I did a few alterations to the original kit like adding extra doors openings, changing distribution of the rooms and building a kitchen chimney  to host my range, that it is not fair to the Georgian Style of the house, but I took some licenses. Hopefully, I would post some of that stuff in the future. 

Thank you for taking the time to read about me. 감사합니다 


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