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I Live in New Zealand and I am currently at University.

Ever since stumbling upon Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge in July 2012 I have been in love with K-Dramas, J-Dramas and K-pop ever since.

I am learning Japanese and Korean and would love to go to, or live in, Korea and Japan one day.

I am a VIP,


and a LEDA! ♥

I only got into Asian Dramas halfway through 2012, but now I am an Asian addict 100%!!!

When people first meet me I am pretty quiet and shy but after a few meetings I am quite the nutter.

I am in a K-pop dance team and we learn the dance routines to different K-pop songs.

My first Korean-Crush was Geun-Suk.... because of You're Beautiful of course!!! I even have my very own Pig-Rabbit

I have 5 husbands! And i love them to pieces ^_^ Looking forward to hanging out with them more than i do know once i reach Korea ;)
The husbands are in the order I married them....

Jason Hanbyul; LedApple.
whenever i call Hanbyul I get this response ^^.... i know he is just kidding, he loves me really. >_>

Narimiya Hiroki; Japanese actor and designer

Jong-dae; Chen of Exo

Siwon; of Super Junior
Its always good to have at least one Christian husband... kekekekeke

Kim Woo Bin

My Hair is constantly changing colour, much like the kpop artists!
Previously it has been blue but now because of L Joe's (TeenTop) hair colour in Rocking i am now supporting pink!

Well thats just a little about meeeee!

Feel free to message me and I will reply, as long as it isn't around exams >_<

Also if you want to find me on tumblr:


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