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Hi !!!
I'm Dea nice to meet you ^0^
I started few years ago ( in 2008 i think... or before can't remember ) with japanese culture i mean with anime and mangas  i love lovely complex and Vampire knight ( in fact i love all matsuri hino's mangas )  
Then I wanted to listen  openings so i begun to be interested in J pop and Johnney's.
In J music I really love Arashi. They are really funny i LOVE them !!!!

Then I moved on dramas ... J-dramas. My favorit J drama ? Mmmm difficult

So then I started to watch K dramas my first was full house... Telling you which is my favorite kdrama is impossible i really can't just choose one >.<
And i also love k pop i disovered that thanks to tohoshinki (dbsk) when they was 5 it's my favorite band Oh and I  also love SHINee, BIGBANG, Super Junior, 2NE1 and many many others !!!

So as you can see I m really addicted to it ^^
Sorry for my english i'm not really good on that >.<

PS : I'm romanian and i live in France :3


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