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Welcome to my profile


Random things about me:

☆ I'm from Romania 

☆ My name is Isabella, but you can call me Iza, Deea

☆ I've discovered kpop in april 2012 

☆ my first kpop band: SS501 

☆ my first drama: New Tales of Gisaeng 

☆ my first movie: 100 Days with Mr. Arrogant 

☆ I know how to speak English, French, Spanish and of course, Romanian. I also know a little bit of Italian and Hungarian, but I can't write or talk, so it's not really helpful

☆ My favorite dramas are: King2Hearts (2012), Empress Ki (2013), It's okay, it's love (2014)

☆ I watch american tv series and from time to time, those long telenovelas from Mexico and Brazil. 

☆ I only watch korean dramas, movies, etc

☆ I'm a k-pop addict

  SM  (SM Entertainment ) stan here! 

I do not rewatch dramas

 I have a huge obsession for NCT   And picking a bias is almost impossible :P I am currently studying sociology 

You can also find me here:


How I discovered kpop:

It's kind of a long story, but let's start with the beginning. In april 2012, in my country, New Tales of Gisaeng was streaming. I became enchanted with it and its actors. After this, Boys Over Flowers appeared. Firstly, I wasn't interested in it, but after watching some episodes, I've fallen in love with Kim Hyun Joong. After that, I searched him up, watched some videos and discovered that he was part of this famous band SS501. From that day on, I became obsessed with it and everything kpop related. 

My favorite boy group 

My favorite girl group

My k-pop bias list

Taeyeon ( SNSD )
Taemin ( SHINee ) 
Irene ( Red Velvet ) 
Taeyong ( NCT )
Tiffany ( SNSD )
Baekhyun ( Exo )
Jennie ( Blackpink )
Kai ( Exo )
Naeun ( Apink )
Jaejoong ( JYJ )
Krystal ( f(x) )
Jimin ( Bangtan Boys )
SinB ( GFriend )
GD ( Big Bang )

Hyorin ( Sistar )
Heechul -Super Junior
Hani ( Exid )
Wooyoung ( 2PM )
Dara ( 2NE1 )
Daehyun ( B.A.P )
Fei ( Miss A )
L ( Infinite )
BoA ( soloist ) 
Daniel ( Wanna One )
Hyuna ( 4minute )
Yoochun ( JYJ )
Ailee ( soloist )
Mark ( GOT7 )

This has nothing to do with Asia, but I guess you remember that in the begining I said that I watch telenovelas from Mexico and even from Brazil, right ? Well, before discovering k-pop and korean dramas, I was addicted to telenovelas, I've started watching them around 2007 and stopped around 2012. If I'm not wrong, I've seen over 40 telenovelas ( if I'll ever have the patience, I will list a few of them here ) and my most memorable one has to be REBELDE. 

And if you've heard about REBELDE or if you've seen this telenovela, then the band RBD should sound familiar to you. Yes! I was a very big fan of them, and luckily I got the chance to go to one of their concerts before disbanding. Nowadays, I still watch telenovelas, but not as often as I used to. 


K-pop crush - Jaehyun  

You did well, Jonghyun! ♥ May your soul rest in peace!

Feel free to send me a friend request :)


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