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Umi no Ue no Shinryoujo
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by displacedmoon

Dec 31, 2013
11 of 11 episodes seen
Completed 0
Overall 8.0
Story 7.0
Acting/Cast 9.0
Music 8.0
Rewatch Value 5.0
This drama is simple, straightforward and easy to watch. It's perfect for those days you just want uncomplicated comic relief. That said, although its meant to be a light rom-com, the drama still manages to touch on heavier themes such as: abusive relationships, single motherhood, compassion for the elderly, making sacrifices, and facing your fears. And don't skip the ending credits or you'll miss the storyline teasers! The characters, if not all fully developed, were funny...often silly at times. Matsuda Shota as Dr. Kota was a juxtaposition of a bumbling lovestruck goofball with that of an efficient genius doctor. Matsuda is really such a versatile actor--he never fails to entertain me. Takei Emi as Mako also didn't disappoint. She was the opposite of Dr. Kota in personality and helped to ground his character whenever his eccentricities went overboard. I especially loved Dr. Kota and Mako's chats at the end of each episode--everytime Dr. Kota said anything inappropriate, Mako would mysteriously produce a "blue slipper" and smack him on the head with it. Hah. The supporting characters were also nice to watch--sometimes adding insightful words of wisdom; more often just providing comedic relief with their antics. This show has a great song that was a perfect episode ender - Taiyou no Megami by Leo Ieiry. Very upbeat and optimistic, like the show. I doubt I would re-watch this drama from start to finish. But I would definitely replay the funny parts where Matsuda is being geeky and adorkable. Pros With only 11 episodes (gotta love jdramas for this), you can easily marathon this in a couple of days. The other plus is its renzoku format--each episode concludes a storyline, so it's unnecessary to watch each episode to get the jist of the show. However, you may miss out on some of the storyline and character development that continues from episode to episode. Cons Some of the situations and events are a bit unrealistic in how they are addressed and/or resolved. And just about every episode is a cliche. But I think that's part of the show's charm. And I'll also admit to being guilty of fast-forwarding to the more entertaining parts whenever some of the episodes dragged along.
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