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Hello there! I'm a comparatively new k-drama watcher who seems to have a very particular taste for slice of life and murder-based works (pun fully intended). There's something so captivating and appreciable about the mere quality of k-dramas, that it's difficult to come out of the hole of binge watching them once you've started. I enjoy writing reviews for shows I've had fun watching, so do check them out if you're interested. 

I do think I'm particularly picky about what I'd call a good drama with good writing as opposed to ones that I enjoy (which could be most dramas I guess). I mean what's not to love in a non-cringy romance with tropes used well and support characters who aren't 2D? A thriller that keeps you on edge and has you biting your fingers in anticipation? A medical or law drama with realistic representation of the lifestyle along with a solid enjoyable plot? I could go on and on. 

The dramas on my 10/10 list:

Hospital Playlist S1 & S2:
As a person going into the medical field, this is literally perfect. It has amazing characters with a beautiful plot and touching stories. What a gem of a series(Also the music? Perfect.)

Be Melodramatic:
Literally such a fun and witty plot with amazingly realistic characters. This show is so meta that it broke down the 4th wall and used it to make confetti

Run On  
This drama has me in it's thralls every time I watch it. The dialogue, the eccentric characters, the dry humor and side characters who have their own lives. The scriptwriting is literally to die for. 

While you were sleeping:
The storyline, the fantasy and law elements, the casual romance, the enjoyable comedy. Can we also address the fact that there's virtually no plot holes in it?

Honorable mentions:

Because This Is My First Life

The Smile Has Left Your Eyes

Misaeng : Incomplete Life

Strong Woman Do Bong-soon

Fight For My Way  


Hot Stove League

Dr. Romantic (S1) 

A Love So Beautiful (C-drama) 


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