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Honey and Clover japanese movie review
Honey and Clover
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by doram
Jan 2, 2022
Overall 7.0
Story 7.0
Acting/Cast 6.5
Music 6.5
Rewatch Value 5.0

Not any better than the 2008 drama

I watched the 2008 drama first before I watch this movie. Somehow the drama got more popular than the movie. Haven't watch the anime before, so I don't know how close the character is compared to the manga/anime, but I think this story is much more suited to be adapted into a drama, not a movie. The pacing seems too rushed I feel like it failed to convey the story as well as the character's emotions. Moreover, I think the casts are not as great as the drama version..

For Aoi Yuu's or Sakurai Sho's fans, you might want to watch it once, but I think this is not something worth to rewatch. Overall, just like the headline, this is not any better than the 2008 drama..
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