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Wanted to explore something new; ended up falling in love with everything in between

I would say that my genuine interest towards Asian culture began at the end of 2012, thanks to my lovely friend. For me, it wasn't the dramas/movies that set off the interest - it was food (one of the most enjoyable life pleasures) and music (something I grew up with). As for the music, the first time hearing K-pop was pretty much, in a way, a very mixed experience; I would say I somewhat really enjoyed and disliked it at the same time. Come to think of it, I believe it was the language barrier that confused me a little bit. Living my life with music, I was always used to understand the lyrics of the song directly - at that time I never thought about the lyrics as a set of words that do not require to be completely understood. It's more of a feeling, I say.

My love for K-pop grew more and more over the years. I dropped few times, but always came back, closer and closer. Instead of simply listening to the music I started paying attention to the artists themselves, realizing how much effort they put into every single thing they do. Years went by and K-pop crept into my life unnoticed, changing it for the better.

When it comes to Asian dramas/movies, I do have some specific preferences. However, I would say that it doesn't matter whether the story itself carries a dark, twisted tone (even though I enjoy watching such movies/dramas more), or whether it is really comical and brings more laughter than tears. I am not extremely critical, if the plot seems to be not as interesting as I hoped, I still watch for few more minutes/episodes just to make sure that it's not for my taste. However, the plot must make sense, I really don't like artificial plot settings (something to do with relationships, completely random and unexplainable story changes). I love seeing how characters deal with the challenges, the growth of their personalities over time is important to me. To see a strong female lead is something I never oppose to. Also, the more unexpected the storyline is, the better.

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                           Proud A.R.M.Y. Oh, and V IS handsome.               ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥

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                               Them and their humorous honesty.                                How???????????????????

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                                                You do, hon', you do.                                                         #Thatendlesssass

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                                                           Strongly agreed.                                              Always amazed.



"No one can save me but myself."

 Scarlet Heart Ryeo


"Sometimes boundaries must be overlooked to save others from getting hurt.” 

- Strong Woman Do Bong Soon


"This world is about ability and talent. A person must shine on his own."

- Chicago Typewriter


"I have the right to not get my feelings hurt." 

- Fight My Way


"I can hear her coming. She can't hear me leaving."

- Always, Only You


"Don't go."

 - A Werewolf Boy


"I'm going to leave soon, but you need to stay here and live."

 - Uncontrollably Fond


"When a memory is gone, so is the soul, they say." 

- A Moment To Remember


If you have any movie/drama suggestions or simply love K-Pop and dramas, feel free to message me, I looooove making new friends. ♥


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