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I'm a girl forever living in drama landddd...

Started watching dramas ever since I was probably 3/4? Dramas were always more interesting than cartoons.. hahaha

My obsession started with hongkong dramas, I would chase episode by episode and literally watched every tvb drama that was broadcasted during that time....

Then, when I was 16, I was convinced by my friend to try out k-dramas.. (Used to be a silent hater of k-pop/k-dramas...oops haha my 16 year old self will probably be in shock looking at the amount of k-dramas I have watched since then!) My first K-drama was good doctor because I was so interested in the story line that an autistic person can become a doctor.

Then, in 2019.... thanks to netflix who kept flashing the meteor garden (2018) trailer in front of my eyes... I gave it a try because I knew I would already love the plot because I love boys over flowers! True enough...loved it went on to watch a love so beautiful and then the list just gets longer and longer!

I am so glad to have found this community where everyone has the same passion as me which is watching dramas!


Feel free to add me as friend if you think we watch similar stuff, I would love to have another friend whom I can chat with about all the dramas!

P.S. I love cliche story lines and am the type who loveeeee watching dramas with similar story lines!


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