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Konkatsu! japanese drama review
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by fanitha
May 6, 2016
11 of 11 episodes seen
Overall 7.0
Story 8.0
Acting/Cast 7.5
Music 8.0
Rewatch Value 7.0
Konkatsu! is a story that is focused in marriage. Kuniyuki (Nakai Masahiro) quitted from his job and in order to get a new one he has to lie about him getting married. This is the beginning of Kuni's marriage hunting, together with his friend Shigeru (Sato Ryuta) he attends to several "marriage parties", all of them organized by his childhood friend Makoto. Along the way he discovers the importance of marriage and love. His childhood friend Haruno (Ueto Aya) poses as his fake fiancée in order to buy him some time. Kuni lives with his dad a Tonkatsu restaurant owner, his dad wants Kuni to take over the family business, but Kuni dislikes Tonkatsu the most. Things change when they found out his neighborhood is going to be sold and they will have to leave the place for good. Kuni discovers the importance of working hard and families business'. That's pretty much the drama's outline! I was very excited when I first heard of this drama, because it was Ueda Tatsuya's first drama and because it was my first time watching Nakai's acting. But after watching it, it wasn't what I expected. First of all Ueda's appearances where about 5min per episode. He decides to marry his older girlfriend, But the fact that we didn't get to see his relationship with his girlfriend so we could understand why was he marrying her was the worst. Second there was ZERO lovey dovey feeling between Nakai and Aya!!! So I couldn't cheer for their pair at all, I was cheering all the way for MakotoXNakai pair, I was pretty happy watching Nakai's acting and interaction with Makoto's children!!!!! So thumps up for Nakai!!! I think he saves the drama, because if it wasn't for him maybe I couldn't have finished this drama. I had thoughts of dropping it out several times! Now Ryuta, he is so lovely like always, love his smile, he is so fresh and such a good actor. I will NOT highly recommend this drama. I think this drama is just meant for Nakai's fans and people who are in the marriage age and want to get some info about it. It was a miracle I could finish all the 11 episodes
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