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I have been watching kdramas since early 2016, so it’s like more than a year already, but it’s kinda ruining my reality because I feel like I don’t have life outside television hahaha, (even when I travel oversea for holiday, I kinda miss my life back then in my house with my kdrama, gosh!! Very unhealthy haha) so I tried to limit my drama consumption, and to be truth I don’t have much time to watch so many shows since I have other responsibilities. I also got bored nowadays with the same formula kdramas have. Don’t question why I hate some dramas, because I have my own opinion and you have yours. Just respect it, don’t need to make a drama over comments :P

Ok, straight to the point:

Dramas that I like involved a very original plot, involved some emotions but not too much, well written story, good character development, nice side storylines as well for other characters (there is no redundant character), very logical sequence and story (not anyhow write for writer’s convenience), good music and cinematography, hardworking male and female leads, strong female, good acting skill. I love funny story too.

I don’t like dramas that are:

  1. -  Having abusive male lead and weak stupid female lead, oh God I hate it so much
  2. -  Overrated dramas that are cheesy to the bone, disguising itself to be something else but actually it is only a romcom, like wtf, where the hell the first episode went? How come the story becomes like this kind of feel.
  3. -  I am bored of typical story about the girlfriend who is chased by some psycho  who wants to kill the girl and the guy needs to protect the girl. Ugh, lame, lame, lame! Maybe for the first time I watch it, it was good, after a while, it’s so boring with the same formula.
  4. -  I hate chaebol rich guy falls in love with poor girl story, lame!
  5. -  I hate romance that is so forced and unnatural, like it’s not supposed to be romance story but the writer feed unnessesary romance to my mouth.
  6. -  Having too much filler and flashbacks
  7. -  The source of distress is only coming from father/ mother in law who are against the relationship, wth, it’s 2017 and u are still talking about race, social status etc?
  8. -  Too complicated story that does not make sense at all, again, for the writer’s convenience, the writer can anyhow change the rules of the game and that sucks.
  9. -  And many more…. Hahah

Yes, I am a master of dropping dramas, those that i dropped since episode 1, i don't really bother to add to my list.  it’s hard, I am not someone who can be pleased easily :P Yeah. So if I commented something bad about dramas that other fangirls like, just deal with it in fangirls, because not everyone have time to watch many dramas. Not everyone love the same kind of dramas too. I can be overly critical to some dramas that have much potential but the writer just make it in a poor direction that will just disappoint me. 

Oh by the way, I love most of TVN dramas, except goblin, sorry not sorry.

So.. if we have the same taste in dramas, feel free to add and PM me, I am open for recommendation, thank you.


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