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Golden Land


Golden Land

Hello! I'm one of  cultivators from East Golden Land Medical Sect who falls into the Drama land.

My Drama journey started since my childhood but it's not so smooth.

Together with my families, we watched broadcasted Dramas: Korean, Chinese, Taiwan. 

At that time, most of my fav are Chinese Wuxia & the Kdrama are mostly sad ending or family type. The ones I noticed were Jumong, Stair Way to HeavenFull House(04),etc. 

During my High School, I seldom watch Dramas d/t my studies & these continues to my uni days..

At the Early Uni time, I  watched western Series & movies; My fav become Big Bang Theory, Friends , Dr. House. 

And later times, as I tried to search new show to watch, I just restarted my Kdrama Journey. As I enjoyed watching, the scope become wider & my watched area include Chinese, Taiwan & Hong Kong. 

During my active days, I watched days & nights: Finished a 16 epi drama a day!

As for preference, I prefer completed Drama as I don't like waiting & wanting to know what'll happen...

Mostly, I prefer comedy or something amusing or encouraging as I'm still coping with a depressed life; just finding comfort in imaginary world, stz like that... But, some dramas with Tragedy tag still attract me even though a little unbearable & they're a few...

I tend to finished my watching drama in stead of drooping  it. Even it's pain to watch, I just watch it forwarding annoying parts just to know the gist.

Later, to avoid those tragedies, watching dramas, esp  Cdrama (Cos they're mostly long & time consuming)  one of my habit become checking out it in MDL, reading reviews & watching final epi(if still unsure to watch)...

That's how I start to know of MDL & later I become fascinated with its features & communities!

For now,  I'm into Cnovels & I'm still enjoying my imaginary world!


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