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Drama/Film: My Firsts
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KDrama: That Man Oh SooKDrama (first completed): I'm Not A RobotKMovie: My P.S. PartnerJDrama: Million Yen WomenJMovie: By ChanceTaiDrama:…

Drama/Film: Completed In 2019
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A list of dramas/movies/specials completed in 2019.Dramas/TV/Specials: 57Movies: 45Total: 102Last updated: Tune In For Love

Actor/Actress: My Favorites
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Actors/Actresses that I enjoy watching. In no particular order.

Drama/Film: Completed In 2018
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A list of dramas/movies/specials completed in 2018.Dramas/TV/Specials: 62Movies: 11

Drama/Film: My Favorites
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Dramas/Films that are hard to top for me since my rating system isn't the best, I thought to make a list of the ones that are my all time…

Distraction For An Overthinking Mind
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Dramas/Films that help me get out of my head. Good for laughter, comfort and more.

Happy Endings? 404 Error Not Found
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Dramas/Films that did not end happily and/or made me cry far too much.This is a list of just my opinion, it differs person to person so please…