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The Perfect Match
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by hollywillow

Aug 8, 2017
22 of 22 episodes seen
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Overall 7.5
Story 7.0
Acting/Cast 8.0
Music 8.0
Rewatch Value 3.5
Ah... Where do I begin? The fact that I couldn't agree more with people that said this drama is better off at the 17 episode. They should've done it nicely at episode 17, but they just decided to drag us more into a deeper hole making this drama becoming more boring and draggy. I actually like the drama. Ivy Shao and Chris Wu chemistry is not too bad. But I still prefer Ivy Shao and Marcus Chang in Back To 1989 (to you guys who never watch this, please, watch it NOW). The beginning started off nicely, and how I love love LOVE Xiao Bin so much. He was like the LIGHT of this drama. He's funny, cute, and the fact he's so loyal, LOVED HIM! For Chris Wu fans, I think despite the draggy story, you can watch this for his passionate kiss (damn that kiss tho), his sincere smile, his funny and cute act. And the fact Ivy Shao is so pretty and charming as usual. I also love the fact that the villain in this drama is not very annoying. All of their acts turned out is for someone's sake or someone's goodness make it all of their actions are very reasonable. Overall, to me they should've just stayed at their cooking theme instead of moving into rich people stuff that to me is soooo cliche. Do I still recommend you to watch it? Yes. Despite of the draggy story and cliches, if you love Chris Wu or Ivy Shao, you'll definitely give this a try. This drama also gave me lots of butterflies, and some tears too, and the fact it's so funny and so entertaining. So, if you need a light funny and cute dramas then maybe this is yours. Will I rewatch this? Maybe I'll watch the first part. I surely very love the first part of the story where the couple first met and how they interact with each other, lovable!
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