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the magical school bus ༼つಠ益ಠ༽つ ─=≡ΣO))


the magical school bus ༼つಠ益ಠ༽つ ─=≡ΣO))
The Blue Hour thai movie review
The Blue Hour
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by whorificmane
Aug 16, 2016
Overall 6.5
Story 5.0
Acting/Cast 7.0
Music 1.0
Rewatch Value 1.0
Firstly to explain the name of the title "THE BLUE HOUR" also known as "Onthakan" means time between both morning and night, the realm between dreams and reality, or good and evil.

The movie is actually I wouldn't say really scary unless you get terrified easily but it was very creepy like scary creepy and there is a scene that you must be careful of cause you may not be sleeping at night if you happen to be watching this at 8 o'clock at night, so yeah basically as it says it's a Horror movie.

I gave the acting cast a 7.0/10 because I've actually seen other movies with the main actors who's done a lot better job giving them 10/10 and I always rate with a 9.0 if it was really good because you never know when something else will come along and be just as good but if it amazed me to a point I had no choice then of course its a 10/10.

For the music I gave it a 1.0 because honestly I don't really recall their being any music until the very end sadly and I was looking forward well I'm always looking forward to music in horror movies that's just cause I'm weird.

I rated the story a 5.0/10 only because Phum was basically leading Tam to a dark place in life and that's not something anyone should be doing to somebody especially when they're going through what Tam has gone through.

Overall I gave it a 6.5/10 because I enjoy Horror movies and have a love hate relationship with them and this one was on more of the creepy scary side with a jump scare and I like things like that.

I hope this was helpful to those who haven't seen it yet
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