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Fabulous 30 taiwanese drama review
Fabulous 30
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by Jasmine
Jun 28, 2015
76 of 76 episodes seen
Completed 0
Overall 8.5
Story 8.5
Acting/Cast 9.0
Music 9.0
Rewatch Value 6.0
Super light drama. The story is cute for the most part. It focuses on the friendship between 3 woman, and their each individual relationships. There's also a family aspect for each of the characters. Because it's a 76 episode drama, the plots move relatively slow, the dialogues are longer than usual, and the diary recap scene done by Vivi's character at the end of each drama is a bit tedious. Nevertheless, I enjoyed this drama very much for a long length drama mainly because the friendship/family part was very heartwarming. There were also many lessons incorporated in this drama and in each episode. Of course, Danson was phenomenal in this drama; he has now become one of my biases. His relationship with Albee's character was adorable and I liked their romance. Darren being dorky was a completely different character for him; I was blown away at how realistic he made his character out to be. His romance with Vivi was pretty boring, but their friendship was fantastic and well developed. Jennifer Hong's crying scenes were really well done and I liked her strong+independent woman character. The music was pretty repetitive, but I noticed there was like a 'theme' song for each couple when their individual romantic scene came on. I thought that was pretty cute; I personally liked the songs a lot. The rewatch value is low because 76 episodes is really long, but I would rewatch some of the creative romantic scenes that I liked. I would recommend this drama for those of you that want to watch a longer story yet is still entertaining. I recommend this drama; it is definitely one of the better long length t-dramas out there! (read my other review; i think this drama is slightly better!) (The 8.5 rating is for its quality BASED on the fact it is a long length drama; if I was rating in comparison to all dramas then it is probably an 8) (9/8)
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