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Hi, I'm Ela and I am 29 years old. Feel free to drop me a message or add me as a friend if you want to talk dramas, MCU movies, fairytales, cats or life in general :D.

My username "Route Venus" refers to my favorite song from the Sailor Moon anime. For anyone who's wondering, my avatar picture is Naminé from Kingdom Hearts series.

My drama watching experience: 

I started watching J-dramas around 2008 or so, but I am not what you'd call an experienced viewer (just check out my pathetically short watchlist). Honestly, I often have a hard time choosing and starting new dramas and I tend to rewatch a lot. I started with K-dramas only a couple of years ago, but I wasn't very lucky with my first choices* and I only properly got into K-dramas in Autumn 2017 (thanks to a little gem called "The Master's Sun" :P).  Since then, my watchlist is gradually, but surely, growing.

My favorite K-drama - and probably my favorite series in general - is Healer. I am suspicious of anyone who gives this masterpiece less than 10 stars, so beware.

* Technically, my first K-dramas were Coffee Prince and then Sungkyunkwan Scandal. I had a hard time getting through them and wouldn't recommend them as beginner dramas.

Favorite K-dramas: Healer, Queen In Hyun's Man, The Master's Sun, I'm Not a Robot

Favorite J-dramas: Hana Yori Dango (a flawed classic that I rewatched at least twice over the years), Rich Man, Poor Woman (I loved it when it aired but now I am scared to rewatch it because I might not love it as much), Atashinchi no Danshi (loved it more than Hana Kimi!)

Favorite genres: Give me a solid romance with a happy ending and I am sold. Which mostly means rom-coms :). I am also a fan of crazy comedies, supernatural elements, a slice-of-life dramas and I am trying to get into historicals.

Genres I avoid: melodrama, thriller, tragedy, anything with sad endings



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