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Ongoing 20/33
Someone Like You
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by Jasmine

Jul 5, 2015
20 of 33 episodes seen
Ongoing 0
Overall 10
Story 9.0
Acting/Cast 9.5
Music 10.0
Rewatch Value 10.0
(accidentally submitted my review via the account I don't use-this is my official one) Phenomenal drama. As a whole, I was completely sucked into this drama. The plot is very melodramatic but strangely addictive. Yes, many people believe it is draggy like usual T-dramas but I think it's a personal preference. Melodramas like Someone like you are either fantastic or terrible. It was very well executed, whether the scenes, plots, actors, or the setting. Like any memorable melodramas, they make you want to visit the filming places. After watching this drama, I now want to go back to Taiwan and visit where they filmed it (Big City department store in Hsinchu, Taiwan). The first 10 episodes were amazingly well developed and I loved watching the character development and the initial friendship between Yu Xi (Lorene's character) and Zhan Cheng (Kingone's character) when he was blind. As their friendship developed into love, they became a super compatible couple. Their kissing scenes were also very cute. I think they're a great OTP for sure. Another reason why I liked this drama so much was because of the department store rivalry scenes/element. Unlike other romance dramas where the male lead is a CEO and they don't talk much about it other than the fact that he looks great wearing suits and has a lot of money, this drama plays out the rivalry scenes. They continue with the department scene rivalry side story throughout the drama and I really enjoyed these scenes because they were intense and nerve wracking to watch and they added to character development of Zhan Cheng. It wove seamlessly into the main plot and didn't distract from the romance. Kingone really carries this drama. His portrayal of a blind man was seriously amazing. His acting was flawless and I couldn't see any flaws in his portrayal. I wasn't initially a fan of him because I usually like idol drama actors (read my other reviews) , but his character is really the ultimate perfect boyfriend. I actually liked Lorene's acting. Although her acting seemed a little fake in the beginning, her acting got a lot better. Like I said, Kingone carried the drama and he guided her through the romantic scenes well. Many think her crying scenes were fake, but I thought it was realistic because realistic crying isn't pretty. In terms of the supporting actors, I loved William's camaraderie with Zhan Cheng, and Yu Xi's relationship with her family. The supporting couples between Zhan Cheng's sister and Yu Xi's brother was adorable, as well as William's relationship with Yu Xi's best friend. Lorene was good at her dual roles as well. The music is so heartwarming and emotionally provoking. I think this is one of the best soundtracks as a whole for a drama. Bii did most of the soundtrack, and I liked his songs a lot. They perfectly match the tone of the drama and the scenes. For those of you who are unsure if you want to watch it because you're not sure if you can handle the various tragedies of this drama from the summary you just read, trust me, it is worth watching. It took me 2 weeks to finally decide to watch this because I selectively pick dramas to watch since I don't like dropping dramas; I feel the need to finish a drama once I start it. I'm glad I watched this drama; after all, it has now become one of my favorite dramas. Re-watch value is definitely high. In fact, I'm re-watching it right now! If your taste is anything like mine (read my other reviews for T-dramas), you will definitely love this drama. Give it a try. You won't regret it. ***edit*** As I said earlier, I'm watching it for the second time and after watching it for the second time I came to appreciate the beautiful cinematography of this drama even more. The BTS videos were also very entertaining and showed the chemistry between the leads. I recommend watching the BTS if you fall in love with the characters like me! I'm starting to like all the characters after watching it for the second time because I can start to understand some of their actions even though some of them were unforgivable. This might sound crazy, but I think I might watch it for the third time in the future. I really hope Kingone and Lorene collaborate on a drama again! (10/9)
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