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>>> Mainly loves comedy, romance and legal dramas. Is a makjang addict. :)

Heyyyyy everyone!!! xD

Welcome to my page. Hope I can connect with more and more fellow kdrama addicts!!! Allow me to introduce myself... I'm Jinee, and I've been addicted to kdramas for a little over 10 years. 

How I watch dramas : I'm a turtle
After seeing other people's watchlists, and how many of you have completed over 100 dramas and sometimes more than 200, in less than 10 years, I chuckled at mine. I officially know I'm a "slow watcher". I've been lost in kdramaland for over 10 years and have completed exactly 91 dramas (not counting the movies). WOW! But there are three reasons to this : 

  1. I'm picky and impatient. No, really I am. If I haven't been convinced by an actor after 2 attempts, chances are I won't give them a 3rd chance (I will make an effort if it's a recommendation though ^^). If I'm triggered by a character,  or find a message damaging to younger viewers (teens to early 20s - for info I'm in my 30s), or if it's too gory / violent, I drop the show - even if the lead is in my top 10. If it's not fast-paced or at least fast enough to keep me interested, I move on. And over the years I have become more demanding when it comes to storytelling and character development. 
  2. I have  "drama-free phases", every year. I can spend a few months, sometimes 6 months, not watching a SINGLE show. Sometimes because life gets in the way, sometimes because I just don't feel like it (need time to "detox" from all these stories and emotions ^^).
  3. I watch dramas slowly. Meaning that I may have 10+ dramas that I'm "currently watching", but I definitely don't watch them all at the same time, I watch a few one week and rotate the next, I just rotate a lot. And though I occasionally binge watch (rarely though), it takes me a LOT of time to finish a drama... unless I'm watching while it's airing.

Favorite actor : Jang Hyuk
Such brilliant actors are extremely rare. I got to know him through Fated To Love You, which instantly made him one of my top 5 actors. But his latest drama, Money Flower, made all the difference for me. He is hands down one of the best actors I've ever seen (regardless of nationality). Click here to see my list of Fav Actors.

Favorite actress : Shin Min Ah
No other actress cries like she does. I love the way she conveys emotions. I first saw her in makjang drama A Love To Kill. I'm not sure any actress could have nailed that role in that drama like she did. Click here to see my list of Fav Actresses.

All time favorite drama : A Love To Kill
One of the most underrated dramas ever. This one is neither a classic in Korea (but it is, in my book) nor is it very popular among non-korean viewers, but it was fairly well received locally. That was my first makjang, and let's just say that it traumatized me. I thought maybe it was just me, but I met a girl a few years later who saw it too, and told me it totally messed her up. It's a brilliant production, but a very emotionally charged story. That type of drama couldn't have gone mainstream. If you're into revenge and tragic plots, you'll definitely love it. Funny enough, I'm not into tragedy but I was a newbie at the time, and all those plot twists were unbelievable to me. If you've ever wondered about Rain's acting skills, this will kill all doubts. The OST is fantastic as well. The most memorable one, to date, along with Secret Garden's. Click here to see my list of Fav Dramas.

Biggest crush : Ji Chang Wook
Ok, brief history. It used to be Rain, for years, he was my biggest crush of all times, but there's something about married celebrities that makes me kiss them goodbye. I'm extremely happy for them, but it feels like some of the "glow" dissipates, so I move on quick. Rain has that irresistible "manly babyface" thing. I had an obsession with So Ji-Seob but it died a couple of years ago. He remains one of the most gorgeous men I've ever seen to date. However my love for Ji Chang Wook ever since I saw Healer, keeps growing and growing and *SIGH* growing. He has the cutest smile and most tempting kissable lips in the world. Someone called him "His Royal Hotness" . This has been, so far, the 100% most accurate description of this piece of art. 

Current obsession : Seo Kang Joon
Ladies and gents, just watch "ARE YOU HUMAN TOO ?" and you'll understand why this beautiful man has become an obsession of mine those past few weeks. What an incredible actor. He's one of those very rare asian actors who look older than they are. I thought he was in his late 20s early 30s, turns out he's in his early 20s. How can such a young actor already be so gifted and professional? Unbelievable. I'm gonna have to watch a few things he did in the past but I can't wait for his future projects.

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Contemplating dropping a Kdrama ?

So in case we have similar tastes, and you don't know if you should either consider or drop a drama, check out my "Dropped" list with notes on why I dropped them. But remember not to take it too personal. Unless stated otherwise (rarely the case) my opinions do not reflect my sentiment on the actors' skills.

That's all for now folks :)


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