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I first started watching Hong Kong dramas/movies at a very young age.

Growing up, I watched Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese and Indian dramas/movies in addition to shows from Hong Kong. I was truly a drama addict even back then.

I learned most of my Cantonese and Mandarin by watching these shows with subtitle. I am now able to watch HK and Chinese shows without English subtitle and probably able to understand about 80%-90% of the shows. I do prefer watching these shows with English subtitle in order to fully understand the shows however, sometimes, waiting for English subtitle is just too long of a wait. Also, most of the new HK dramas are not available immediately with English subtitle (that I know of). I have to wait. If anyone knows where I can watch new HK shows with English subtitle, please let me know.

Because of my busy life at school and work, I stopped watching Asian shows from 1991-2012.

However, I watched American/British movies and American/British TV series instead whenever I can.

One day in July 2013, while I was surfing on my newly purchased TV Pad, I bumped into Prince of Lan Ling and after that, there is point of no return. I am back!

I now watch shows from these websites: Dramacool,, Dramafire,,,, Youtube and Dailymotion.

I kept a log of shows that I watched since 2013 in my computer until one day, I came across MyDramaList and transferred my list to this site. I love

I watch just about any show. However, I prefer romance across all genres. I really love Time Travel shows. I am really happy that has  "Time Travel" tagline now set up for this kind of shows. In the past, it is very difficult to find Time Travel shows because Time Travel doesn't have its own classification or special category. It is often grouped under Adventure or Supernatural.

I would usually research a show before watching based on viewer reviews, story line and the cast members involved.

My ratings are based on my personal opinion and my feeling after watching the shows.

My ratings are as follows:

10 - Must Watch. I have probably watched at least 3 times.

9.5 - Almost perfect. Worth watching. I have probably watched at least 2 times.

9.0 - Very good. Still worth watching due to great acting by my favorite actors/actresses. 

8.5 - Not Bad. Just another drama/movie. Average.

8.0 - Watchable but below average. Drag and need to fast forward the show at times.

7.5 - Drag. Need to fast forward the show most of the time. Don't have to watch it if you don't have to. Begin to lose interest. Story line or acting is not pulling me back to the show.

7.0 - Too drag. Wasting time. Not worth watching.


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