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the hood

 Hello! ^^ My name is Emily, and I have an OBSESSION with Asian dramas. This all began in 2012 when I first got introduced to kpop and soon after kdramas as well. Feel free to add me/ message me about anything and I will always respond!


My favorite drama of all time is Healer!! I've watched it way too many times to count. ❤️❤️❤️Image result for healer kdramaImage result for healer kdrama cute gif

Aaron Yan is my fave Taiwanese actor and he can go from adorable to hot in a matter of seconds. Image result for aaron yan 2016

Image result for aaron yan gif

Lee Hyun Woo......nothing else needs to be said, just look at him.Image result for lee hyun woo 2017

Image result for lee hyun woo gif

I cried so many times watching this, and I don't cry often so that says a lot about how amazing this drama is. (Descendants of the Sun)Image result for descendants of the sun

Image result for descendants of the sun gif

The Bongbong-Minmin couple ruined my life because of how cute they were! (Strong Woman Do Bongsoon)

Image result for strong woman do bong soon

Image result for strong woman do bong soon gif

EXO is my favorite kpop group!!! My biases are Baekhyun and Sehun (。♥‿♥。)

Image result for exo gif


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