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Oasis of Nirvana in Fire


Oasis of Nirvana in Fire
Day and Night chinese drama review
Day and Night
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by langyabang
Aug 31, 2018
32 of 32 episodes seen
Day and Night chinese drama review
Overall 8.0
Story 8.5
Acting/Cast 9.0
Music 8.5
Rewatch Value 3.0
I think the main factors that didn't really make me enjoy this drama were the directing, acting, and writing of this drama.

Just a heads up, this drama is hard to find elsewhere on drama streaming sites these days, but it is on Netflix if you want to watch it.

Directing: I couldn't stay interested throughout most of this drama due to how lackluster most of the directing is for this drama. It wasn't the type of cinematography to really keep me captivated on the characters and for the story happening. Successful directing is where the director can make the audience feel the impact of the action and words the characters are conveying, but I couldn't feel that effect. I think the reason to why this directing turned out to be a bit unsuccessful is because the director didn't try to really capture the emotions for most of the characters at all? Like I didn't get to really feel the emotions of a character that is being portrayed on the screen the majority of the time, which led me to feel that none of the characters really stood out to me. Instead, most of what is being portrayed in this show is just the action. The action sequences in this drama are definitely top notch and deserve a 10/10 from me. But the directing for the whole show, overall, needs improvement.

Acting: This drama could have been so much better to its fullest potential if the acting was more POWERFUL. I have no idea why the director decided it was a good idea that most of the dialogue the characters spoke in this show would be so soft-spoken and calm when a lot of the dialogue could have been expressed in a more dynamic manner. A lot of characters that could have gotten a lot of amazing character development ended up not getting it. This story focused too much on Guan Hongfeng and his twin brother for a span of 32 episodes. 32 episodes aren't short for a series at all, and I believe a lot of the episodes could have progressed more on Zhou Shutong, that ended up being in the dark light of this show, where she's not able to become a fully distinguished cop with her abilities and was basically overlooked. The acting of this cast was decent in general.

Writing: "Genres: Suspense, Mystery, Detective, Investigation" The story gives us some good mystery, where there are crime cases with questions left unsolved that keeps us guessing. For suspense? ...This was not a good suspense drama to me. The writing did not make me feel a lot of the suspense that this drama intended to do due to how poorly executed it was. I did feel suspense for some of the action scenes in the drama but most of the suspense could have been more thrilling if the directing was a lot better. There is definitely a lot of detective and investigation work going on throughout the whole show, as the story involves crime cases and the detectives in this show try to find clues to solve the mysteries being handed to them.

Conclusively, this is a drama that's great to watch if you're looking for some kickass action scenes and good puzzling mysteries. However, I am not coming back for the second season, as I feel no interest for any of the characters in this series, where none of them really left a powerful impression on me and the cast is a vital part of a drama to see if I will like the drama or not.
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