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  • Hi, I'm Laura! :) I'm 22 years old and basically my favorite thing ever is Asian dramas, lol. I was introduced to the wonderful world of Asian dramas/movies/culture by a good friend to whom I will forever be grateful. My interest began with anime and manga, and then expanded to K-pop, and finally to dramas. Now, I'm mainly focused on dramas and only keep up with some of the latest K-pop. It's been forever since my last anime/manga binge! At the current moment, I have enough dramas on my "Plan to Watch" list to last me for the rest of my life. Of course I'm not complaining. Dramas make living vicariously oh so much fun.
  • In 2015, I succeeded in luring my first victim to drama fandom when I introduced my mom to You Who Came From the Stars. It took her a few episodes to adjust to the cultural differences, but after that, she was completely hooked. I'm so proud of my drama convert ^.^
  • Besides watching drama, I also enjoy playing the piano. My music of choice is anime/drama OSTs. I literally have about 3 binders filled with sheet music.
  • I'm currently enrolled in college online, and after finishing my prerequisites, I'm planning to begin an International Studies degree with a focus on East Asia. I'm still not entirely sure what I'll end up doing career-wise, but at least I know it will most likely be something in which I'm passionate and interested! Different cultures in general have always fascinated me so I'm excited to begin this stage of my life.
  • I don't have a very strong social presence, whether it be in real life or online, but it's not because I'm unfriendly, I just tend to keep to myself. Nevertheless, I always enjoy connecting withpeople who share my somewhat unique interests, so feel free to send a friend request! :)   





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