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New My Drama List info: "Describe yourself in a sentence or two." Oh, honey, my writer instinct and will to improve my English can't be contained. Four paragraphes ahead - you've been warned.

Currently obsessing over: A Poem a Day & Ye Line | Seventeen

Hi! I'm Isabel, a 20 year-old k-popper and resident of Dramaland since middle-2012! As you can see, I've started to watch dramas (and consequently Asian movies) kinda late, so my lists aren't that extensive - and I currently don't have a lot of free time, not as I used to, so I come back to Dramaland in waves of willpower and leisure.

I prefer Korean dramas over Japanese or any other, but of course I sometimes find non-Korean dramas I really want to watch; for movies, I don't actually have any preference. And as far as plot goes, I can watch any genre at all, although I do have my favourites.

There is a fair amount of anger I direct towards dramas that cause me Second Lead Syndrome (aka Almost Every Asian Drama Ever) - so please don't talk to me about Boys Over Flowers and especially You're Beautiful (seriously, I can't even hear about this drama anymore). All in all, I enjoy a good romantic comedy, but I always enter a new adventure praying for the writer not to go over the top or be too cliche.

I have the (good? bad?) habit of reviewing a feature here on My Drama List right after watching it, so I give it a note based on how much I emotionally liked it, not considering if the thing is, objectively, good or bad. So, if someday you end up finding one of my reviews and going to my watch list, you'll realise some pieces are graded differently (sometimes very differently) from the review - i.e. Uncontrollably Fond, Blood or (ugh) You're Beautiful. (Wow, would anyone really have that much interest in anything I do on the interwebs? I wonder... But still, that's why.)

First drama: Reply 1997

First movie:Ouran High School Host Club: The Movie

Find me! I'm on Tumblr and Instagram; also Twitter if you speak Portuguese! You can check out AOA Brazil, too, if you're interested - I'm part of the staff!


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