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Thanks for visiting my profile :) 

   I've never been someone who watched a lot of TV until the day came that I discovered Asian dramas.  I can't watch realistic depictions of war, torture or violence so many of the Western movies don't work for me. 

     I'm always looking for people to talk about dramas, so if you have something you want to discuss, feel free to shoot me a message. Love hearing about other people's recommendations.

My first drama: Pasta

My 100th drama: Black

You can read more about what I like below:



1. My first dramaKorean: Pasta
Chinese: Love Me if you Dare
Taiwanese: Drunken to Love you
Japanese: Love Shuffle
2. My drama watching styleMostly addictive binge watcher. 
3. Korean, Taiwanese, Japanese or Chinese dramas?So far I watched almost exclusively Korean dramas, but recently I added some Chinese and Japanese ones. I'm still Korean and Chinese biased.
4. Favorite genresSlice of life, comedy, action, supernatural elements, crime with romance, rom-com, steamy romance, historical, some coming of age
5. Favorite dramas
Kill Me, Heal Me, Healer, Another Miss Oh, Falling for Innocence, Scarlet Heart Ryero, Go Ho's Starry Night,  Age of Youth, Pinocchio, Fight My Way, The King's Woman, Because this Is my First Live
6. Drama cliches that I do not likeEvil family members, amnesia, meek female lead
7. Drama cliches that I actually like Good, not dragged love triangle, reverse harem, cohabitation/roommates, exceptional or supernatural powers
8. Favorite themesNon-linear plot (jumping in time/time travel/multiple points of views), multiple male leads, one female, lone wolfs, extraordinary male character (unusually strong/smart/capable), societal issues, real life problems and situations
9. Least favorite themesTorture or war, gender bender, clingy meek females,
9. Favorite on-screen couplesSong Jung Ki and Song Hye Kyon in Descendants of The Sun
Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young in Healer
Ji Sung and Kim A Jung in My P.S. Partner
Lee Sang Yoon and Kim Ha Neul in On the Way to the Airport
Han Hyo Joo and So Ji Sun in Always
10. Favorite actorsJi Sung, Dong Ha, Han Hyo Joo, Kim Mi Kyung 


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