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for starters, my name is angel ◕ ◡ ◕
im a 20 years old pre-law student who seems to think she has too much time on her hands.
you can find me (please dont) either busy socializing with my friends and dealing with life or binge watching asian dramas/films and random youtube videos at 3am.
(OR plausibly stuffing my mouth with junk foods or ramen, of course)


zodiac sign: capricorn   |   rising sign: sagittarius
mbti personality: entp
harry potter house: ravenclaw
favorite color/s: yellow/mustard, blue green, & black
favorite smell: i absolutely love flowers, especially the smell of jasmine and sakura. other than these, i love the smell of wood and fresh air, too.
favorite sound: the
sound of rustling leaves or wind in the trees and the sound you make when you step on dried leaves.
favorite food/s: i love eating, so everything (except eggplant, sorry sweetie)
interests (other than dramas):
art | astronomy | cosmetics | culture | economics | fashion | law | philosophy | politics | psychology | skincare | world affairs


First Taiwanese Drama: Meteor Garden (2001)
Taiwanese Drama that cured my TwDrama Slump: When I See You Again (2015)

First Chinese Drama:  Love O2O (2016)
Chinese Drama that cured my ChDrama Slump: A Love So Beautiful (2017)

First  Korean Drama: Save The Last Dance For Me (2004)
Korean Drama that cured my (severe) KDrama Slump: Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (2016)

First Japanese Drama: Gokusen (2002)
Japanese Drama that cured my JDrama Slump:  Doctor X (2012)

First Thai Lakorn: Bad Romance The Series (2016)
Thai Lakorn that cured my Thai Drama Slump: Pending

I was really young when I've watch most of these (blame it to my cousins and my mom) but, they are all dear to my heart as they motivated me to watch more!

Generally, I have an on/off relationship with Asian dramas. Once my Dramafever hits, I'm UNSTOPPABLE AND DEDICATED but, once it fades, it usually take me YEARS to go back again.

During my hiatus, I've been hooked with a lot of Western Series (e.g. Suits, How To Get Away With Murder, Game of Thrones, Madam Secretary, Stranger Things, and etc.)


☆ I'm not picky with dramas. 

☆ I watch any forms, kinds, or types of dramas / specials / movies,  short or long, as long as they are (1) enjoyable and (2) great!!!

☆ !!! HOWEVER !!! I personally prefer critically acclaimed or highly rated dramas / movies (I dislike the feeling of wasting time, though that's exactly what I'm doing—being unproductive) Yes, I don't like not doing anything.

☆ In terms of genres, you could give me anything under the sun, from feel good to gore to weird stuff [we can never unseen].

☆ For music, I'm also open to anything and everything. I'm very appreciative and flexible. Nevertheless, here's what I mostly enjoy/listen to:

WESTERN - Single: Taylor Swift, Lorde, Adele, Lana Del Rey, and Avril Lavigne; Bands: Paramore, Twenty One Pilots, Panic! At the Disco, and Queen; Recent Faves: Billie Eilish, St. Vincent, The Neighbourhood, Melanie Martinez, Marina and the Diamonds, Dua Lipa, and Camila Cabello

ASIAN - Groups: BLACKPINK, 2NE1, and BIG BANG (I usually listen to Korean OSTs, though)

With all these being said, feel free to add me as friend (if you feel like it, go for it) or message me (for greetings, comments, suggestions, and recommendations, or to ramble, rant, or argue). Enjoy creeping! :)


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