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Hi everyone~~

I love to watch drama since I am in my primary. During my primary, I tend to watch Hong Kong and China drama. In my early secondary I started watching Taiwanese drama and in 2010, I started watching Korean drama. Since then, I am into Korean drama. However, I am willingly to watch drama from different country as long as it has a good storyline. 

My criteria in choosing drama to watch:

1) Good storyline / Storyline which is new (never found in other drama)

2) Good acting (at least few of the actor in the drama must be good)

3) Good editing (as it will affect the mood of the story)

4) Good background music (good background music will bring up the mood of the story, however, overusing the background music will bring adverse effect) 

**Sometimes, I watch the drama due to my bias in the drama** :P

Please feel free to recommend me drama or movie that have good storyline if you have one in mind~~ Thanks~ :DD


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